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Exhibitions for spring and fall are coming soon.  Dates TBA 


Custom frames made to fit any size or current piece you have hanging in your home/office.  


Aeresol Assault Spray Paint Art

If you are a promoter and have a show for me to display in, I'd love to hear from you.  

Original artwork done entirely with spray paint. Custom work available in any color scheme. An inexpensive option to consider when purchasing original art. No two are the same. Get yours today! 

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Mountain Side Creations Welcomes You!

Fine Art

Proud to announce the launch of a new medium, spray paint art. Currently available for purchase and endless custom ideas for you to keep me busy. These will be shipped in a plastic frame with a glass front for safe shipping, unless we discuss a more personalised frame. Additionally, I will make a time lapsed video of your piece and send it to you so you can see the process of your piece being made. They are very reasoanbly priced so that you dont go broke while buying original, one of a kind artwork. Check the site for available pieces and as always: REACH OUT TO ME BEFORE ANY ONLINE PURCHASE TO ENSURE THE PIECE IS AVAILABLE* Founded in 2020, Mountain Side Creations is in the business of fine art. Offering a wide variety of artistic mediums from wire art, spray paint art and my sons photography, you're sure to find something you like. When you do, reach out to us and we will discuss shipping options, as each order is different. To see all products, go to the top right and hit menu, then shop. Happy hunting, any gallery piece can be purchased here or thru the gallery direct. Prices do not include shipping. Custom work is a specialty that we are proud to offer as well. Take a look around, and we thank you for visiting and the continued support!

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The Best in the Biz

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Jeff Moinet 


 Jeff specializes in wire art but carries many other mediums including : wall hanging art, rock and gem art, jewelry, and detailed pencil drawings. Most of his materials used for his work are sourced from forests, lakes, or rivers. From the white quartz crystals he finds high up in the Colorado Rockies to the driftwood found near lakes and rivers, all of it is incorporated. His art can be seen in galleries nationwide, where a good portion of the proceeds are allocated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Living in Dillon, Colorado part time and part time in North Myrtle Beach, Jeff spends most of his time outdoors when he isn't working. Nature and art are his passions, as you can see through his unique artwork.  


Braeden Moinet


A new artist in our roster, this visionary has produced some of our favorite pieces.  From landscape and portraits to nature, Braeden captures moments in time to perfection.  Inspired by the mundane, his work could hardly be described as such. 

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I work every day and love what I do! 

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Holding a Paintbrush

"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy

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Dillon, CO, USA


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